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ACS Professional Year - Facebook Video Competition

Indus Institute is running a ACS Professional Year – Facebook Video Competition for their students. This gives opportunity to the students to showcase their skills and talent. Its also a great opportunity to share your experience with other fellow students within the ACS Professional Year.

Students can make videos about many aspects of their ACS Professional Year Journey at Indus Institute

  • Why I chose Indus Institute for my ACS Professional Year
  • My experience at Indus Institute – What I like best…
  • What I am studying at Indus Institute
  • What I learnt through my Internship Placement
  • My Friends from Indus Institute
  • My Interview Preparation/Resume Writing Tips
  • My ACS PYP Assessment (opportunity to implement recording
    into one of your PYP Assignments e.g. Presentation)

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Benefits of ACS Professional Year Program

  • Great way to potentially earn 5 extra points for your permanent residence
  • Increase your job ready skills
  • Learn about Australian Workplace Culture
  • Learn about Australian Workplace Communication
  • Complete a 12 weeks internship in IT
  • Study using Digital Learning Resources
  • Learn from Experienced Industry Professionals
  • Study in Business Class Facilities
  • Get the feel of a corporate environment
  • Great Payment Plans
  • Friendly & Professional Staff

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