Our People

Indus Institute Pty is backed by trainers and educators who have more than 50 years of combined experience in learning and teaching.

Most of our trainers have worked previously in industry within Australia and overseas thus enabling them to enrich your learning experience with us. Most of our trainers are working professionals running their own business and practices, so the knowledge they bring to the class room is current and up to date.

We have a healthy balance of both male and female trainers and most of our trainers are multilingual and thus able to look after specific student cohorts

CEO – Ranjita Pillai

Ranjita is the CEO of Indus Institute and is very passionate about providing students a great learning environment, great resources, fantastic facilities and the appropriate staff. She has great respect, care and admiration for international students.

Admin Manager – Russell Tien

Russell is the Administration Manager at Indus Institute and looks after the overall management of the Institute. He is well versed in ASQA standards and also has good understanding of our agent network and student needs.

Placement & Marketing Manager – Irfan Kasim

With a strong educational background in Advertising, Mass media and Marketing Irfan started his career post university in the world of Sales and Marketing in the services sector working with a leading CRM company

Lead Trainer – Angela Edmonds

Angela is the Lead Trainer at Indus Institute. She is directly responsible for the delivery of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma Programs along with the delivery of the Professional Year Programs.

Trainer –Rodger Hall

Rodger Hall is a Trainer at Indus Institute and started teaching our very 1st Batch. He teaches in the areas of Australian Workplace Culture and Communications and is part of the team that delivers the Professional Year Programs at Indus Institute

Trainer – Alicia Flack-Kone

Alicia Flack-Kone is our Professional Year Program trainer in Canberra. Alicia has been in the training and professional development sector for more than 20 years.

Trainer – Robyn Bloomfield

Robyn is the Trainer at Indus Institute Canberra Campus. She is directly responsible for the delivery of the ACS Professional Year Programme.

Trainer – Philip Preston

Philip is a trainer at Indus Institute who shares his experience in the business industry with his students. He delivers and assesses in the ACS (Australian Computer Society) Professional Year Programme.

Trainer – David Traynor

David Traynor is a trainer in the Hobart campus. David has a diverse career background. He has run his own business, been in local government, and managed training organisations.

Trainer – David Matulin

David Matulin is the trainer for the Professional Year Program in Hobart. David comes from a background as a management professional in the retail and training sector

Trainer – Tracey Burton

Tracey is a trainer with Indus Institute who delivers the ACS Professional Year Programme to post graduate IT professionals.

Trainer –Patrick Siak-Nim Goh

Patrick is a Trainer at Indus Institute. He teaches in the Areas of Business Management.

Trainer – Dr. Elizabeth Tansley

Elizabeth has been involved with education and training since 1996. She teaches in the areas of Project Management and Business Administration at Indus Institute.

Junior Business Liaison Officer – Rohit Pusapati

Rohit is our Junior Business Liaison Officer. He completed his Masters in Business Administration from James Cook University.

Business Development Manager – Surya Nemani

Surya is our Business Development Officer at Canberra Office. He completed his Masters in Business Administration & Master of Accounting from James Cook University.

Admin Officer – Brodie McNab

Brodie is the Placement Officer at Indus Institute. He is a very valuable member of the Institute and makes sure every student application is completed through the correct process.

Admin Officer – Nikhil Sequeira

Nikhil is the Student Administration Officer at Indus Institute. He is a very valuable member of the Institute and makes sure every student application is completed through the correct process.

IT Support Officer – Gagandeep Singh

Gagan is the IT Support Officer at Indus Institute and a proud Indus Graduate. He is very attentive and has an experience of working in high-pressure environment. Gagan has experience in maintaining SQL database.

Accountant – Prateek Gupta

Prateek is the Accounts & Admin Officer at Indus Institute. He is experienced with all Accounting procedures. He takes pride in his work and excels in providing excellent quality of advice to all clients.

Reception & Admin Support – Siobhan McElroy

Siobhan manages Reception and helps with administrative support as needed. Her main focus is making sure all students’ needs are met, so they can have the best possible study experience at Indus Institute.

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