Lead Trainer – Angela Edmonds

Postal Address

Level 18, 127 Creek Street, Brisbane,
Queensland, 4000 Australia


+61 7 3036 3850


+61 7 3102 1249

About Angela Edmonds:

Angela is the Lead Trainer at Indus Institute. She is directly responsible for the delivery of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma Programs along with the delivery of the Professional Year Programs. She uses her experience, skills and knowledge in Adult Learning to ensure excellence in the delivery, guidance and support to all of the International students. Her focus is to ensure that all Indus Institute students continue to receive an excellent professional learning experience

Angela’s skill set includes:-

  • Academic Management
  • Academic Recruitment  Mentoring
  • Academic Processes
  • Student Mentoring

With more than 15 years of experience Angela is well versed in academic governance and management, providing educational services in the corporate, government and private training sectors.

Having worked for some of Australia’s leading training organisations, she is highly experienced in implementing academic policies and procedures and achieve good student outcomes. As Lead Trainer for Indus Institute, Angela is responsible for the academic and operational delivery of courses, ensuring that students receive the highest educational experience.

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