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Thinking in general about the above intern with your organisation, how would you rate your experience overall?
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How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements about your Intern and services provided by Indus Institute Pty Ltd?
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1. The Intern was fully committed to the internship
2. The Intern made some useful contribution to our organisation
3. The intern fully understood their responsibilities
4. The intern established priorities and made necessary adjustments
5. I would be willing to take on more interns from Indus Institute Pty Ltd

Core Skills For Work

(Tick the applicable boxes for each statement.)
Has Done Work In This AreaHas Improved In This AreaUnsure / Not Applicable
Manage career and work life
Work with roles, rights and protocols
Communicate for work
Connect and work with others
Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives
Plan and organise
Make decisions
Identify and solve problems
Create and innovate
Work in a digital world

Quality Training

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