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ACS Professional Year - August Intake

Indus Institute has four upcoming intakes in August 2016 for ACS Professional Year in Brisbane.

These being 2nd August, 6th August, 27th August & 30th August 2016.

All current students  at Indus Institute are enjoying their ACS Professional Year Program, and students are receiving high quality internships as part of their program. Many of our graduates have already secured full times roles with ICT and are glad that they undertook the ACS Professional Year Program.

Benefits of ACS Professional Year Program

  • Great way to earn 5 extra points for your permanent residence
  • Increase your job ready skills
  • Learn about Australian Workplace Culture
  • Learn about Australian Workplace Communication
  • Complete a 12 weeks internship in IT
  • Study using Digital Learning Resources
  • Learn from Experienced Industry Professionals
  • Study in Business Class Facilities
  • Get the feel of a corporate environment

Author: Ranjita

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