Diploma of Workplace Health & Safety


BSB51315 Diploma of Workplace Health & Safety

A Diploma of Workplace Health & Safety is a formal qualification based on theoretical and practical learning.

Why get qualified as a WPH&S Officer/Manager?

Becoming qualified in a Diploma in Workplace Health & Safety is now considered a MUST have for a lucrative career as Health & Safety Officer in Australia. With the mining & infrastructure boom it has health & safety has become paramount in such organisation and with most companies taking a zero tolerance approach to health & safety issues.

This qualification is suitable for people who coordinate and maintain the work health and safety (WHS) program in an organisation. It reflects the role of practitioners who apply a substantial knowledge base and well-developed skills in a wide variety of WHS contexts.

What is involved to complete the course and get qualified?

You can complete the entire qualification online.  Once you enrol in the course, you will be sent a user ID and password to access the Indus Study Room.  You can commence your study immediately.

You will be guided through each unit of study. After completing the study for each unit, you will be required to complete the online assessment for the unit.  As you progress, you will also need to complete project management templates, which you will need to submit as a portfolio at the end of your course.

How does it work?

To provide maximum flexibility to students while they work and study, the Indus Institute offers two different options for completing the course:

  1. Face to Face Learning – Training is conducted over a period of a 5 day workshops and course duration is 6 to 12 months
  2. Distance learning – This web based mode gives the flexibility to complete the course over a time frame that best suits the
    student. Units are accessed via the internet, with support via internet, telephone and email.

Qualification Recognition

In completing the Diploma with Indus Institute your qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised.

How will I be assessed?

Assessments are competency-based so the course focuses on the development of relevant skills and knowledge through practical activities.  Participants are assessed through a combination of activities and exercises based on actual and simulated scenarios.  Participants also complete a set of templates for a simulated or real work-based scenario which forms the final assessment.

Course Overview

The Diploma of WPH&S contains eight competencies and are all completed at the pace of the student, with a maximum period of 12 months. Each unit has specific learning outcomes and is structured for self paced learning. Upon completion of each unit, students are to submit the assessment tasks for marking.


COURSE NAME               Workplace Health & Safety


STRUCTURE                   9 units 5 Core and 4 electives

DURATION                       Online study (Self Paced) or 6 – 12 months (Face to Face)

PREREQUISITES             There are no formal prerequisites to undertake this course

CODE TITLE Core = C / Elective = E
BSBWHS502 Manage effective WHS consultation and participation processes C
BSBWHS503 Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk C
BSBWHS504 Manage WHS hazards and risks C
BSBWHS505 Investigate WHS incidents C
BSBWHS506 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining WHS management systems C
BSBWHS507 Contribute to implementing emergency procedures E
BSBWHS508 Contribute to managing WHS information systems E
BSBWHS410 Contribute to work-related health and safety measures and initiatives E
BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace E
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